Asthma symptoms and signs

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 Asthma symptoms and signs


Bronchial tube inflammation characterizes asthma with increased sticky tube secretion production. People with asthma have symptoms of tension, inflammation or mucus filling in the airways. Coughing, especially at night Wheezing Short breath Tightenedness in the chest, pain, or pressure However, it does not happen that every person has the same symptoms. Asthma symptoms are commonly present. These symptoms may not be all present, or different symptoms may be different at different times. The symptoms of your asthma can also be mild and serious from one asthma attack to the other.

Some people with asthma may have no symptoms longer, or their symptoms, called asthma attacks, may be interrupted. Other asthma symptoms may be experienced daily. In addition, asthma or asthma with viral infections such as colds are only allowed to occur during the exercise.


Mild asthma attacks are generally more prevalent. In a few minutes to a number of hours the airways usually open. Severe attacks, which require immediate health care are less common but last longer. Even mild asthma symptoms are recognized and treated importantly to prevent serious episodes and improve asthma control.


  • Fair cough or cough after exercise 
  • Feeling faint, easy to teddy, moody or sultry 
  • decreases or lungs function changes as measured on a high flowmeter Signs of cold or allergies (snowing, rushing nose, coughing, nasal congestion, sore-throat and headache) 
  • Troublesome sleeping, mainly at night Sleeping or shortness to breath Feels very weak or fatiguing during exercise.

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